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    The tenet of “Dongsheng Serves Good Life”has become the target that we always pursue for and the major power that moves our business forward. Over many years of efforts, we have successfully formed the business mode of “machine-made carpets as leading business” so as to continuously meet the needs of our customers for beautiful living environment and good living quality with our technology, products and services.

    As a big family, Dongsheng Group always believes that the target that the enterprise seeks is the target that the staff seeks. The enterprise should create a favorable atmosphere where all workers could respect each other, help each other and learn from each other and finally seek common development and common happiness.

    The biggest asset of the Group is that the staff recognizes corporate culture and could work earnestly and efficiently. Dongsheng Group highly appreciates those staff who could do work well while behaving themselves well. The first basic concept is that “behave with gratitude”, namely, be thankful to customers, to enterprise, to colleague, to family and to the society. The second basic concept is that “Do with love”, namely, love your customer, love your enterprise, love your colleague, love your family and love the society.

    The corporate spirit of Dongsheng Group is to seek innovation and seek excellence. The cultural core of Dongsheng Group includes responsibility awareness, opportunity awareness, risk awareness, devotion awareness, innovation awareness and service awareness.

    Dongsheng Group is not only a company but also an undertaking. Therefore, we should operate the business with such concept in mine.

    Over the course of development, Dongsheng Group always adheres to the principle of “Customer-Oriented, Service-Centered and Customer-Satisfied”.

    We always regard quality as top priority and only with excellent products, reliable quality, and considerate services could we compete in the market. We know that we will have no market, no competitiveness and no survival chance if we have no quality.

    The biggest benefit of Dongsheng Group is the training for the staff. Our ultimate target is to operate the business as a school, helping the staff to learn from work and work for learning.

    Three Working Styles
    Our three working styles are working hard, working carefully and working for business. By virtue of such three working styles, Dongsheng Group has overcome many difficulties before completing the present developments. Therefore, we will never abandon the three working styles whatever developments we have made.

    Seven rules for behavior 
    1、No excuse for work
    2、Be spontaneous
    3、Nothing is impossible
    4、Do it now
    5、Team first
    6、Be the best of yourself
    7、Do every tiny thing well
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    Established in 1998, Dongsheng Group is mainly engaged in production of various carpets and now becomes one of China large machine-made carpet production and exp [MORE...]   

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