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    Introduction to IndustrialAdvantages of DongshengCarpetGroup

    For over a decade, Dongsheng has been committed to providing the best carpets to users and promoting the development of the Chinese carpet industry, insisted on the development path propelled by technological innovation and vigorously implemented the “large-scale, professional and international” operation and development strategy, through which Dongsheng has formed its own business mode and development advantages:

    Scale advantage. Based on the large-scale operation and management strategy, Dongsheng has actively promoted the optimization, adjustment and improvement of the industrial structure. Centering on the machine-made carpet industry, it has set up bast fiber production line, wool production line and chemical fiber production line and so on. Currently Dongsheng Group has 11 wholly-owned or controlled domestic manufacturing companies, including Rizhao Dongsheng Carpet Co., Ltd., Bingzhou Dongsheng Carpet Co., Ltd., Dongsheng Berry Carpet Co., Ltd., Xianglong Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. and Dongli Carpet Materials Co., Ltd., making it the only enterprise in China that has a complete carpet industrial chain from bast fiber spinning, wool spinning, dyeing and finishing, polypropylene fiber spinning, polyamide fiber spinning, twisting and forming to carpet weaving and carpet fine finishing. Its annual carpet production is 23 million square meters. Its products are sold in medium and large cities nationwide and are exported to 31 countries and regions including the United States, Russia, Japan, EU, Middle East and Taiwan. Dongsheng Group is currently one of the largest machine-made carpet makers with the most advanced equipment in Asia. 

    Technological advantage. Dongsheng always insists on the principles of “introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation”, takes the market as the orientation and attaches importance to transforming technological advantage into product advantage and then product advantage into competitive advantage. By doing so, it has realized independent innovation and transformed the traditional industry with high and new technology.

    In terms of product research and development, Dongsheng has established the first provincial enterprise technology center in the industry. Meanwhile, it researches and develops new products with scientific research institutes including the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University and Shandong Textile Science Research Institute. Dongsheng has undertaken a number of national and provincial innovation and development projects, of which the composite negative oxygen ion health carpet project won the second prize of the Shandong Province Science and Technology Award and the modified jute functional machine-made carpet project won the third prize of the Shandong Province Science and Technology Award. Dongsheng has made considerable progress with the advance of science and technology and currently owns the most registered intellectual property rights in the industry in China, with which it has been awarded “China Patent Star Enterprise of Shandong”.

    In recent years Dongsheng has cooperated with renowned Chinese universities and overseas carpet design and development institutes and rolled out a series of new products. Currently Dongsheng has three major series of carpet products: commercial wall-to-wall carpets, home carpets and artistic tapestries. In terms of production technology, Dongsheng has seven major series: Wilton, UCL, tufting, plain weave, Shaggy, Axminster and HD printed carpets; in terms of product materials, it has a variety of products including pure wool, wool blend, viscose, chemical fiber, corn fiber, silk-like polypropylene fiber, elbow yarn and soft yarn which can meet the demands of customers at all levels. In 2005, Dongsheng was awarded “China Patent Star Enterprise of Shandong”.

    Equipment advantage. Dongsheng Group has introduced over 40 advanced high-end carpet production lines from Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, etc., of which the UCL universal carpet production line, the high-piled Shaggy carpet production line, the sisal imitation carpet production line, the HD printed carpet production line and eight 16-color Axminster carpet production lines are all of the world leading level. While introducing the world’s most advanced weaving equipment, Dongsheng also attaches great importance to carpet finishing and processing, for which it has introduced 30 most advanced carpet finishing equipment from Belgium and the United Kingdom, including carpet rubber baking machines, carpet cropping machines, carpet radial cutting machines, carpet cross cutting machines, automatic carpet sergers, automatic carpet flanging machines, automatic carpet rolling-up machines and automatic wall-to-wall carpet rolling-up machines, for quality processing and packaging of carpets. The equipment has greatly improved product quality and production efficiency and met various customer demands for carpets. Dongsheng’s eight filament productions lines from Germany, Switzerland and Italy can produce BCF textured yarn and nylon filament. Meanwhile, it has ten twister production lines from Germany and Switzerland, five heat-setting machine production lines from France and Germany which can produce twisted heat-setting yarn and elbow yarn. In terms of the production of the carpet raw materials-wool yarn, the Group has ten German high-temperature and low-temperature dye vats, which can dye all kinds of chemical fiber, wool and yarn. The Group also has three semi-worsted production lines, which are the most advanced in China, and two rove production lines, which can produce pure rove, wool-polyester yarn and wool- polyamide yarn and provide yarn materials for carpets for all kinds of purposes. In conclusion, Dongsheng has formed an industrial chain of its own, covering wool spinning, dyeing and finishing, polypropylene fiber spinning, polyamide fiber spinning, twisting, forming, carpet weaving and carpet finishing.

    Product advantage. According to market changes, the Group has actively adjusted its operation and development strategies and set the brand building goal of “Artistic Dongsheng, Technological Dongsheng and Green Dongsheng”. It has set up the largest and the technologically strongest carpet research, design and development center in the industry in China, introduced the world’s most advanced intelligent carpet pattern design and development system, built a professional design and development team, founded a provincial-level key technological center and established a long-term cooperative relationship with universities such as the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University and top carpet pattern development companies in Hong Kong and Europe. With those resources, the Group has carefully studied and grasped the development trends of the international carpet industry and with new design ideas, it has been making constant efforts in technological innovation and pattern development. Moreover, the Group has the world’s most advanced CAD intelligent carpet pattern design and development system and the largest professional design and development team. So far the Group has formed five major series of products: home carpets, commercial carpets, national carpets, car carpets and artistic tapestries; in terms of production technology, it has nine major series: Wilton, UCL, tufting, plain weave, Shaggy, Axminster, gun-tufted carpets, HD printed carpets and hand-made carpets; in terms of product materials, it has six series: pure wool, wool blend, viscose, silk-like polypropylene fiber, elbow yarn and soft yarn. Its product research and development ability has always been leading the industry in China. Currently the Group owns over 3,000 proprietary intellectual property rights and has won a number of titles including “China Patent Star Enterprise of Shandong” “Shandong Enterprise with Outstanding Contributions in Industry-University-Research Institute Cooperation and Innovation” and “Excellent Product Award in Industrial Design of Shandong”.

    International operation advantage. The high technological content and high-grade products have laid foundation for the Group’s international operation. According to its “three one thirds” market strategy (that is, one third of the products are sold overseas, one third sold on its own marketing network and one third sold by agents) and international operation strategy, the Group has set up a sales branch in New York, the United States to be mainly responsible for its sales business in North America; in Qingdao, it has established Dongsheng International Co., Ltd., to be responsible for its sales business in other overseas markets. Nearly a decade of overseas sales channel building has promoted the development and sales of the Group’s high-end products. Most of its products are sold to Europe and North America, which has improved the international market competitiveness of the Group. Currently the Group has become the first-choice Chinese supplier of machine-made carpets of American and Japanese customers.

    Service advantage. Faced with the severe challenges from fierce market competition, the Group has put forward the management concept that “the company’s frontline is the market”, established the leading role of market building in company and accelerated the pace of market building.

    First, the Group has set up 57 sales agencies in large and medium cities nationwide. Since 2009, in the face of the domestic carpet industry featuring extensive competition, homogenization and low benefits, the Group has set up the Home Carpet Business Department, the Commercial Carpet Business Department and the Joint Carpet Sales Company and built end-user marketing channels in the most active and most competitive Shanghai market in China, becoming the first in brand building in the Chinese carpet industry. Through efforts Dongsheng has built a good brand image among consumers. In addition, the Group has made active exploration regarding the transformation from traditional sales model to modern marketing model.

    Second, the Group has set up the order management command center, set up an order-centered management and service platform, established an all-round responsibility system and evaluation system focusing on order operation quality, implemented “four forcing” service mechanisms: the product quality forcing mechanism to ensure order quality, the operation timeliness forcing mechanism to ensure order timeliness, the cost forcing mechanism to ensure order prices and the product development forcing mechanism to ensure order varieties.

    Third, the Group has set up the 800 free service hotline, offering whole-process follow-up service from accepting order, organizing production and logistics transportation and use by user. In addition, the Group ensures “five everys” and “three no overnights” in customer service. “Five everys” mean: calling for feedback for every order, following up every batch of goods, implementing every suggestion, handling every complaint and answering every question; “three no overnights” mean: no overnight information feedback, no overnight handling of problems and no overnight reply of complaints. Since 2005, the Group organizes a customer satisfaction survey every half a year and takes the increasing of customer satisfaction as its basic goal in its market construction. Over the years, Dongsheng Carpet Group’s customer satisfaction of services has always been leading the domestic industry. Service has become Dongsheng’s new advantage to consolidate and expand its market.

    Quality advantage. Dongsheng has always been taking customer value as its orientation and customer satisfaction as its evaluation standard of product quality. The Group has carried out the production management revitalization action centering on constantly improving product quality in all its departments. Moreover, it has formed the quality management idea that “quality is our pride; giving up quality is giving up the market, competition and survival” and the quality management responsibility system of “one-vote veto of product quality”, which has helped improved product quality steadily.

    Good product quality cannot be separated good raw materials. Dongsheng Carpet Group has established a long-term cooperative relationship regarding raw materials with renowned international companies including Solutia, Dupont, New Zealand Wool Board, Invista and BASF. The Group adopts Zelanian wool, English wool, Solutia nylon, Invista nylon, BASF emulsion, Dow latex and Ciba dye in its products and strictly strengthens management and control of raw materials, so as to ensure the quality of every carpet.

    Dongsheng has strictly followed GB/T 14252-2008 Machine-made Carpets, GB/T 11746-2008 Tufted Carpets, GB 18587-2001 Discharge Limits of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) of Indoor Decorating and Furnishing Carpets and Carpet Linings and other relevant national standards to ensure product quality. Dongsheng has established the quality management system that meets ISO 9001-2008 and the environmental management system that meets ISO 14001: 2004. Meanwhile, the Group has been ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and has obtained the certification of China environmentally-friendly carpet and the environmental protection certification in the Indoor Air Quality Carpet Testing Program from the Carpet and Rug Institute of the United States (CRI). In addition, it has obtained the International Green Pass for Environmentally-friendly Carpets, the “Green Label Plus” of the CRI Indoor Air Quality Carpet Testing Program, the Certificate of Works Approval of the China Classification Society and the right to use the New Zealand pure wool mark. The Group has won “Top 100 Quality Competence Companies of Shandong Province” and “Inspection-free Enterprise of Rizhao” and received the “Rizhao Mayor Quality Award” for two consecutive years.

    Brand advantage. Over the years, the Group has always taken brand building as the driving force of its development and included it in its overall development strategy. With its quality, technology, service and culture support, Dongsheng Group has become the only “National Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness” in the domestic carpet industry for ten consecutive years by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. In 2006, the Group won the title of “Famous Chinese Brand Product”; in 2007 it was rated as “Famous Trademark of China” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce; in 2000 it won “Famous Brand Product of Shandong Province”; in 2002, it won “Famous Trademark of Shandong Province”. Meanwhile, it has won such honorary titles as “Top Ten Renowned Chinese Textile Brands” “Top 500 Most Competitive Textile and Fashion Companies of China” “Top 100 Civilized and Trustworthy Enterprises of Shandong Province” “Top Ten Textile and Fashion Brands of Shandong Province” “Brand Value Contribution Award of Shandong” and “Top Ten Potential Brands in Light Textile Industry of Shandong Province”. “Dongsheng” carpets have been used by world-famous locations and companies such as the Empire State Building in the United States and the Kingdom of Carpets in Japan, as well as famous locations and hotels in China such as the Tiananmen Gatetower, the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the Great Hall of the People, the Beijing Olympic Press Building, the Olympic Village, Sheraton, Westin and Hilton and so on. In particular, during the 60th anniversary celebration of the National Day, Dongsheng carpets were used at the reviewing stand of Tiananmen and the Golden Water Bridge.


    Established in 1998, Dongsheng Group is mainly engaged in production of various carpets and now becomes one of China large machine-made carpet production and exp [MORE...]   

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