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    Technical strength


    Artistic Dongsheng

    Perfect combination of technology and arts
    Guided by the philosophy of “Artistic Creation and Artistic Innovations”, the Carpet Pattern Designing Center of Dongsheng Group introduced internationally-advanced smart carpet pattern designing system to continuously develop new products geared to development trend of the world by employing advanced design concept. 
    Each of us always work with the concept of “we weave the good life”, “we are the maker of good life” and “we are making the artworks”.
     Green Dongsheng
    In order to comply with the tenet of “provide healthy and comfortable decorative flooring materials to the consumers”, we seek to use environment-friendly materials while maintaining good artistic effect and further guarantee their environmental protection performance with advanced designing process. All the materials used for the products have to undergo eight production processes such as raw materials inspection, making, and rubber baking etc. and the products are all inspected for external appearance and physical indexes before leaving the factory to ensure their various environmental protection indexes and quality indexes such as static-resistance, fire-resistance and total volatile volume up to world advanced level. Also, our carpets are certified by China authority as China Environmental-Friendly Carpet and certified by CRI as international environment-friendly carpet after passing IAQ inspection.

    Technological Dongsheng
    Our Group introduced the world most advanced twin-rapier and three-rapier electronic jacquard carpet loom, CRT series of which is widely recognized as the most advanced high precision equipment and CRX series is widely recognized as the world’s fastest carpet equipment and UCL machine is widely recognized as the world’s most advanced carpet loom. We also introduced the world advanced jacquard carpet loom and home carpet production lines. In order to guarantee the quality of raw materials, the company introduced many world advanced spinning equipment such as PP/PA6 S5 high speed chemical fiber spinning machine from Germany Neumag. Now, our group has become a professional Wilton jacquard carpets maker with the largest production scale and the most advanced equipment in China, forming annual capacity of over 8 million square meters. 


    Established in 1998, Dongsheng Group is mainly engaged in production of various carpets and now becomes one of China large machine-made carpet production and exp [MORE...]   

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